All Basic Features of Zip Files

Did you just finish downloading a Zip file, but don’t know how to open it? Many of us may know about Zip or RAR files, but there are hardly few users, who fully understand these files. So, if you cannot open your Zip file, set back and relax. This post is for you.

winrar_5_userinterfaceThe following article encapsulates good information about Zip files and simple ways to use them. Before starting, let’s see what exactly these zip files are and how they work?

Zip Files Explained

Zipping is basically a file management process in which multiple files are compressed and packed into a single bundle, which we call as a Zip file or an archive. It is just like a container or Ziploc bag that holds real files inside it. Zip files facilitate Internet users to send multiple files in a single pack and make data transfer and storage much easier.

A zip file…

– Bundles large number of files into a single pack

– Archives or compresses the real files up to 90% of its original size

– Provides you an option to password protect your files

In order to access Zip files you need specific file compression/extraction tool like WinZip or WinRAR. These software utilities help windows users to work with archives in an easier manner. With these tools, you can view, run, extract, add, delete, and test the original files inside the Zip container. Most of these utilities feature user-friendly interface.

How to Open A Zip File?

Once you download and install file compression/extraction software like WinRar, you could open your Zip files by simply double clicking on them. If you want to extract files into a regular folder, you will have to right click on the file and the ‘extract files’ or ‘extract here’ option. The software comes with a comprehensive guide so as to facilitate your unzipping process.

Creating a Zip File

The same Winrar (or WinZip) would help you for creating the new zip file. Firstly, open the software in the WinZip Wizard mode. You will see different options here. Select ‘Create New Zip’ option and click on Next button. Now, you will need to browse and select the files to add into the single zip bundle. Once you are done, click on next. The software will then guide you to complete further steps.

Some advanced tools come with many user-friendly features. To create a new zip file with these tools, all you have to do is create a plain new zip file without browsing to the files. After creating a blank zip file, you can simply drag and drop the files you want to include in that zip file. You can also split a larger zip file into a number of smaller parts so as to overcome size limits for e-mail attachments. While creating the zip, you can also set a password to the file to protect your confidential documents.

Zip files save a lot of your disk space and with some latest tools, it has become much easier to create, repair, access and protect zip files in an efficient manner.