Icefilms Has over 100 000 Daily Visitors

The internet is full of movie and TV shows streaming sources where people can watch media online without paying a dime for it. Despite the fact that this kind of approach makes everybody happy and movie watching simple, some agencies earning money from these movies feel different.

films_moviesIt was just a few days back when the High Court announced that all major search engines must take down some specific movie and TV shows streaming websites from their search results. After two years of legal action, rightsholders can now celebrate their victory as search engines have two weeks to implement the changes in their database. The exact case was run in France, but it is not yet known for sure whether these changes will be implemented locally or globally.

Icefilms is probably the biggest name in streaming industry. People can watch TV shows, movies, listen to music and stand-ups daily and the content is claimed to be 99% active. It offers DVD quality DivX movies and fast streams. Opening its website, it seems quite confusing at first being full of banners and advertisements but actually everything is set up really logically, so even a newbie can start using it right away. Due to the fact that this content is all free to use, this community lives on donations and if you are satisfied with their movement, it would be nice to support them with a few bucks. We here do not have any affiliation with this site, it is purely our suggestion to keep it running as it has been to this day.

For best performance Icefilms suggests to download and install ICE Quick Stream that is a small piece of software providing best user experience while streaming movies. Its homepage lists all recently added and being watched at this moment, so users can look up the most popular items instantly. More than 100,000 people visit its website everyday.

Now some days ago Icefilms seemed to be suffering from some domain problems. Icefilms is one of the most popular streaming site among web users and therefore every downtime results in bunch of gossips around the topic. In fact, the streaming portal has been online all the time, but it just did not open up the website from its main domain name.

Instead of providing tons of movie links to open, Icefilms’s domain left all its users in lack of knowledge for some days in November 2013. To be quite frank, opening its website showed a notice from Godaddy that the domain has been redirected. But actually it was not directing anywhere. So visitors were left with empty hands in this case. One thing that worked was to open the site’s IP address directly which lead us through the notice from Godaddy. Today the site is up and running again.