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Endowment & Scholarships

Nazareth's endowment serves students. By generating money for academic programs, faculty chairs, new technology, and other needs, the endowment makes Nazareth better at everything we do. And for students who depend on scholarships, the endowment is the difference between earning degrees or not earning them.

Ninety Endowed Funds for Nazareth College's 90th Anniversary

In fall 2014, we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of Nazareth College’s founding. To commemorate the occasion, our goal is to establish 90 new endowed funds to help keep Nazareth strong for the next 90 years—and more.

When you join fellow alumni and friends in marking this historic milestone with an endowed gift, you support student opportunities, enrich the learning experience, and invest in the College’s future. Your support of the endowment may recognize and honor your family or corporation, memorialize a loved one, or commemorate a special event.

Ninety for the 90th—your gift will make the difference.



The endowment allows Nazareth to leverage its resources and attract exceptional students from around the world.


Endowed scholarships can make the difference for students who go on to make their own difference.

Support the Endowment


Endowed professors create knowledge, draw on new worlds, and provide unique experiences to engage their students.

Support the Endowment


Creating a named endowment fund can honor a memory and celebrate the future.

Support the Endowment

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What Is Endowment?

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How can your endowment support make a difference today and in the future? Gifts to endowed scholarships and funds are invested, with a portion of the interest awarded each year while maintaining the principal so as to provide support in perpetuity.

$7 million: Our goal for increasing the endowment through the Campaign for College and Community

Nazareth's endowment assets per student are 50 percent lower than many of our peer institutions.

Income from Nazareth’s endowment generates money to:

  • Expand scholarships and increase student access to a Nazareth education.
  • Enhance faculty and student research, international education, community engagement, and service-learning.
  • Emphasize faculty development.
  • Fund programs, technology, and other critical resources.

Funds from the endowment are also vital because they reduce dependence on tuition and thus create a more financially sound institution. The continued excellence of Nazareth College rests on a level of financial support that can only be gained through a robust endowment. As it grows, so can we—in all the right ways.

Did You Know?

Foundations and corporations also look at the strength of alumni support for the endowment fund when making decisions about grant recipients. The rate of giving to a college's endowment also affects institutional rankings. For instance, alumni participation is one metric considered by U.S. News and World Report in determining its rankings each year.

Scholarships & Professorships

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98 percent Students who receive grants or scholarships that do not have to be repaid

$14,139 Average Nazareth scholarship/grant in 2013 for incoming freshman

$44,026 Total cost of attending Nazareth in 2013 (including tuition, room, board, and fees)

$23 million average annual scholarship support awarded by the College

$736,000 Endowed scholarship funds available in 2014

Expanding Student Opportunity

Through the endowment, Nazareth can leverage its resources, attract exceptional students, and turn out graduates with a solid knowledge base and an expanded consciousness. Increased scholarship funding enables the College to expand access to a Nazareth education by providing both need-based and merit-based aid, as well as funding additional graduate assistantships. And it provides resources for the new technologies, increased international travel and study programs, and volunteer experiences in the Rochester region that characterize a Nazareth education.

THE NEED Affording a college education is becoming more and more challenging for students and their parents. The recent economic environment and reductions in household incomes underscore the urgency. In addition, Nazareth's endowment assets per student are much lower than many of our peer institutions.

THE TRADITION Since 1924, Nazareth has worked in close partnership to benefit the Rochester community—and beyond. Through more than 150 endowed scholarships, we've changed the lives of thousands of students. These students, in turn, have changed the lives of tens of thousands in the region.

Enriching the Learning Experience

Nazareth professors are renowned for their teaching. Endowed chairs provide opportunities for them to create knowledge and draw on new worlds to engage their students. These professors raise teaching to a new level while enhancing Nazareth's reputation in the academic community and attracting outstanding faculty to the College. Endowed professorships often support students who participate in research with a public service element in the Rochester community.

$2 million minimum gift to endow a professorship

Our goal is to:

  • Support travel experiences and academic endeavors that add global insight to the subjects professors teach.
  • Finance student research teams who collaborate to create new knowledge.
  • Enrich the campus learning community by attracting top talent.

Endowment Management

$75.4 million Nazareth's total budget for the year 2013

$59.6 million Value of the endowment (June 2013)

$2.8 million Authorized spending distribution from the endowment for the year 2013

$22.8 million Amount from its own operating funds that Nazareth spends on scholarships (it is the second largest line item in the College's budget)

Nazareth has always managed its endowment portfolio with the objective of supporting the needs of our students today while preserving funds for the students of tomorrow. Intergenerational equity shapes our approach.

Excellence in investment management is a key to this philosophy. Nazareth’s 12 percent return on endowment for the 2013 fiscal year exceeded the average one-year returns for all portfolio size categories up to $1 billion. If the $7 million endowment fundraising goal is achieved, it will allow for more scholarships—and more significant scholarships—to support access to higher education. The College can then innovate by deploying the operating funds now used for scholarships to undertake new initiatives. A strong endowment also helps ensure the College’s strong credit rating.

WISE STEWARDS Nazareth has a robust infrastructure around its portfolio, including an attentive trustee committee, a strong internal staff, and a professional advisory firm to assist in selecting individual asset management companies.

NAZARETH NEEDS YOU Every single donation, of whatever amount, is extremely important. Your support of the endowment helps individuals succeed and enables the College to fulfill its promise.

Support the Endowment

You may establish an endowed scholarship or fund with an outright minimum gift of $25,000 (payments can be made over five years). Or would you like to establish and endowed scholarship or fund, but think it is beyond your financial means? Consider a planned gift.

You can create a lasting legacy to fund an endowed scholarship or fund with one of these common gift vehicles:

  • Bequests Made by Will. Name Nazareth College as a recipient of a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or a piece of property.
  • Gifts of Retirement Assets. Name Nazareth College as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets such as your IRA or 401(k).
  • Life Insurance. Name Nazareth College as a beneficiary of your existing policy.
  • Donor-Advised Fund. Name Nazareth College as the final beneficiary of your existing Fund.
  • Gift Annuities. Receive steady stream of income for life while supporting Nazareth.
  • Multiyear Commitments. For larger gifts, spread out payments over three to five years.

Your support of the endowment helps individuals succeed and the College to fulfill its promise. If you would be interested in learning more about endowment opportunities please contact us.

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