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Defy the Odds

In 2010, Mark Landers' life changed completely when a tear in his aorta necessitated the amputation of his right leg at the hip. This is the story of his journey to what he calls "the new normal" with the help of his wife Michelle, and the physical therapy faculty and students at Nazareth College.

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Nearly 900 students are enrolled in the School of Health and Human Services.

The School of Health and Human Services has clinical placement and outreach relationships with more than 600 organizations throughout the community and around the country.

The licensure pass rates for creative arts therapy, speech-language pathology, and physical therapy are 95 to 100 percent.

Since 2002, 95 to 100 percent of SHHS grads are employed just after graduation, with most of them in the western New York region.

An education that prepares students for interprofessional collaboration in the classroom and clinical settings.

For decades, Nazareth's strong programs in allied health care have provided the Rochester region with effective, caring professionals.

Since 2002, Nazareth's visionary School of Health and Human Services has increased enrollment by 60 percent. Today, one-third of Nazareth students are enrolled in the College's health and human services degree programs, which include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Creative Arts Therapy (Music and Art)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology/
    Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Nursing
  • Social Work

Nazareth is the only Rochester-based college or university to offer nursing with this unique array of allied health professional programs. A leading educator of health care professionals, our students work with faculty and staff in the on-campus rehabilitation and wellness clinics and through off-campus outreach programs.

Today, generations of Nazareth graduates, known for their compassionate care and deep subject expertise contribute significantly to the region's health care workforce. We are ready to build on our proven strengths of educating and training the next generation of health care professionals for this region and beyond.

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A commitment to the underserved and underinsured through one of the nation's only on-campus rehabilitation and wellness clinics.

Under the supervision of faculty, Nazareth students enable more meaningful and productive lives for 3,700-plus patients annually. These services are provided at little or no cost to clients.

How? Our students work in real clinical settings with real patients from our community. This commitment to area children and families has a long history. The College's oldest clinic—the Speech and Language Clinic—has served families for more than 50 years. Other health services provided in our signature on-campus clinical settings include:

  • Art Therapy Clinic
  • Audiology/Auditory Processing Diagnostic Clinic
  • Brain Injury Clinic
  • Interdisciplinary Kids Club
  • Language and Literacy Clinic
  • Music Therapy Clinic
  • Occupational Therapy Clinic
  • Physical Therapy Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Wellness Group
  • Physical Therapy Neuromuscular Clinic
  • Physical Therapy Orthopedic Clinic
  • Play Therapy Center for Children and Families
  • Social Work Services
  • Speech and Language Clinic
  • Yoga Therapy

Our students learn, our clients improve, and our community benefits.

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Four of the seven largest employers in the greater Rochester area are involved in health care.

Over the course of their academic careers at Nazareth, 1,100 health and human services students are expected to generate an estimated annual economic impact of $60 million. In addition, more than 1,000 jobs in high-demand health care fields will be filled by Nazareth graduates over the next five years.

Therapy spaces, learning places—featuring state-of-the-art technology and creating access and opportunities for students and patients.

Our highest priority is meeting the educational needs of our students and the health and wellness needs of our community. Current resources have stretched to maximum capacity while demand continues to grow.

The Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute is the only way to meet the needs of incoming students, current students, employers, and the community. The goal is to:

  • Grow existing HHS programs and enrollment by 30 percent (from 900 students to 1,100)
  • Provide new, renovated, and appropriate spaces for student learning and patient therapy
  • Establish programs in areas of pressing local, regional, and national need
  • Research interventions that improve health outcomes and clinical practice
  • Offer low-cost, high-quality, holistic, patient-centered care to people from all walks of life and throughout the lifespan—children, veterans, the elderly, people with disabilities, the underserved, and the uninsured

To achieve this vision, Nazareth College must have the resources needed to invest in people and infrastructure for the Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute.

Nazareth is already a vital contributor to the overall quality of health care in our community. Expanding enrollment, programs, research, and clinical services through the Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute represents a dynamic and innovative strategy to ensure that our students gain the knowledge, skills, and atti- tudes to become tomorrow's health care leaders while serving our community's needs today.

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For ways to give to the Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute and to Nazareth's overall Campaign for College and Community, contact the office of development at or 585-389-2415, or visit the How You Can Help page.

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New clinical spaces, collaboration-focused classrooms, and a reception area.


  • Start Date: March 2014
  • Groundbreaking Celebration: April 28, 2014
  • Expected Completion Date: August 2015

Square Footage: 66,712 sq ft

The Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute will bring prestige and visibility to top-quality programs and help position Nazareth as a regional, national, and international leader.

Please consider making a gift to support this effort.

Renderings subject to change.

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