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Nazareth College

Why This Matters

For college and for community. Making a difference in the life of one person, while touching the lives of many others.

You'll find Nazareth graduates in our clinics, hospitals, and schools around the upstate region and beyond. We are building on our already premier programs in health care and education to further sustain and grow our community.

Graduate Music Educator with a group of students Professor Paul Smoker Patient at the Centro D'Oro Student with his parents Student Two brothers Nurse at the Centro D'Oro Speech Therapy Teacher

Rochester Impact

Our innovative programs attract students to the region and serve as an economic engine for the community.

Nazareth’s Contribution

Quick Facts

  • Community Service

    Nazareth students devote approximately 589,000 hours of service to the community annually.

  • Economic Impact

    Each Nazareth student generates about $55,000 in economic impact in the community, according to the Commission on Independent College and Universities.

  • Health Care Field

    More than 1,000 jobs in high-demand health care fields will be filled by Nazareth graduates over the next five years.

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Joining in Partnership

Our Donors

Get to know some of the people who are making our plans a reality.